Sepang International Circuit (Malaysia)

Track name: Sepang International Circuit
Times the race has been held here: 18
First GP: 1999, won by Eddie Irvine
Total number of race laps: 56
Complete race distance: 310.408 kilometers (192.879 miles)
Pit lane speed limit: 80 kph (50 mph)
Pitlane length: 420m/0.261 miles, estimated time loss 24s
2016 winner: Daniel Ricciardo, 1:37:12.776
2016 pole position: Lewis Hamilton, 1:32.850
2016 fastest lap: Nico Rosberg, 1:36.424
Most wins (Driver) Sebastien Vettel (4)
Most wins(Team): Ferrari(7)
Lap record: Juan Pablo Montoya – Williams – 2004 - 1:34.223
Smallest winning margin: 0.732s, in 2000.
Circuit Length: 5.543km/3.444 miles
Direction: Clockwise
Turns: 15
Distance to Turn 1: 600m/0.373 miles
Longest straight: 920m/0.572 miles, on the approach to Turn 15
Fastest corner: 260km/h (162mph), Turn Five
Slowest corner: 70km/h (43mph), Turn Two
Top Speed: 330km/h/205mph, on the approach to Turn 15
Full throttle: 65 per cent, with the longest period of full throttle being 12s
DRS Zones: Two, on the approaches to Turns One and 15
Key Corner: Turn 14, a tightening, understeer-inducing right-hander that loads up the outside tyres
Fuel consumption: 1.79 per lap, which is average
ERS Demands: Low
Brake wear: Medium. Only 15 per cent of the lap is spent braking.
Gear changes: 57 per lap/3,192 per race
Safety car likelihood: Low. 20%.
Tyre choices: Hard Medium Soft
Weather: Hot and wet (33).
Chance of rain: 50%
Grip levels: Medium
Run off: Good. This is a modern racetrack, with excellent run-off areas

A lap around Sepang International Circuit

Big braking into turn one – it’s very similar to China, both turns one and two. Long right-hand side corner, then a left hairpin. You need good traction. Then you have a long straight line going to turn four. Big braking, 90-degree right-hand side corner going up a crest.

Then you have very high-speed corners going through turns five and six, almost flat out. Then it’s a small brake for the double right-hand turn eight. It’s a mid-speed corner with very tricky traction going through to the next turn, another left-hand side hairpin. The right corner is very long. It’s quite good fun when the car is well balanced. You then have a bit of straight line going to turns 12 and 13. Flat-out left corner, big braking, with g-forces from taking the corner.

Then it’s a long straight line approaching the final corner. Big braking to carry minimum speed, then it’s full-throttle as early as you can to finish the lap.