ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 08: David Reynolds driver of the #9 Erebus Motorsport Penrite Racing Holden Commodore VF poses during a portrait session during the 2017 Supercars media day on February 8, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Even though the Albert Park round of the Supercar season is a non-points scoring event, the teams take it just as seriously as they do any other round of the season and give their all through the four race format. Most weekends don’t use a four race format, but this will be the fifth successive year that the Australian GP round will do so and believe us when we say that every race is just as fierce as if the championship depended on the outcome!

Each race is only 13 hotly contested laps and while there may not be a lot of overtaking during the short amount of track time, you can bet there will be lots of bumps and bangs along the way.

Erebus driver David Reynolds will be looking to qualify near the front of the pack so as not to get involved in to much argy bargy as they continue to test out the new Dunlop rubber…..

“Our objective this weekend will be to qualify up the front and stay away from the carnage. I like the new qualifying format, I think it’s really cool; anytime drivers get new sets of tyres we feel good about life. It is a really good chance for everyone to try different things in each qualifying session. You never get four sets of tyres and four different qualifying sessions so it’s actually really cool,” he said.

“It’s a difficult track to pass around, but you can get passed people if you have a better car. There are opportunities but it’s sometimes hard to get it done; if you get a good run out of T2 you can pass into T3, or onto the back straight, then the quick chicane, so there’s a few opportunities that you can set up if you’ve got a good car.”

“Notoriously this track is hard on the tyre and it’s the first time running the new super soft so it’s going to be interesting to see how it plays out over the race. I think there will be a few differences to the old tyre but then I’m not sure, so I guess that’s why it will be interesting, as nobody knows how they will go. Tasmania is another super soft round so it’s a like for like and will be good to go to the next Championship round with a better understanding of the new tyre.”