ADELAIDE, AUSTRALIA - FEBRUARY 08: Matt Chahda driver of the LD Motorsports Holden Commodore VF poses during a portrait session during the 2017 Supercars media day on February 8, 2017 in Adelaide, Australia. (Photo by Daniel Kalisz/Getty Images)

Matt Chahda, who was signed up by Lucas Dumbrell Motorsport to fill the second seat in the 2017 Supercar campaign, has been denied the vital superlicense he needs to get behind the wheel and race.

CAMS, the governing body of the sport, saw fit to deny Chahda as he failed to meet the new requirements set for this season, however, his would be teammate, 16 year old Alex Rullo, also failed to meet the requirements yet was granted his superlicense anyway.

To get the coveted superlicense drivers need to earn 13 points over a five year period in CAMS approved categories, and despite racing in the Dunlop series for the past two years, CAMS were not satisfied that he would be able to compete safely at the higher level.

“It is the opinion of CAMS that Matt Chahda has not demonstrated the necessary driving skill and competency to support the dispensation requested,” they said in a statement. “CAMS values the safety of competitors, officials and fans above all other considerations.”

Meanwhile, young Alex Rullo was granted his superlicense but it is only provisional until he turns 17 in June and will be reviewed after each round. That review will then determine whether he qualifies for his Superlicense to be continued on a provisional basis for the next round.