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Every driver wants to do well in his home race, every driver wants to hear his home fans cheering him on and every driver wants to put on a good show for the legion of fans that turn out to support him. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen for Aussie driver Daniel Ricciardo this afternoon when he lost control of his Red Bull in Q3 on his first run out of the pits.

As Daniel was coming around turn 14, the rear end of his Red Bull Racing charger got away from him and he went into the tyre barrier, bringing out the red flag and ending Daniel’s session very prematurely.

The team will now have to work late into the night to get the repairs all sorted in time so that their man can start in P10 for tomorrow’s race.

"That was a tough one today. I don't crash into the barriers often and the last place I want to do that is at home,” Daniel said. “But I feel I crashed for the right reason, as I was basically pushing and trying to find the limit and these things happen, so let's say I'm not disappointed by the approach, it was just more of a frustrating outcome, starting 10th instead of being under the top 5. I feel for the mechanics, because they've had a long week and nowI crashed for the right reason they've got a long night ahead of them.”

“I knew the crowds would have also preferred to see me further up the grid and it would have been nice to put on a better performance than that but tomorrow is where the points are. It's a chance to create a bigger headline if I have a good race so that's what will motivate me to do better tomorrow. I made it a bit more difficult for myself but it's going to be alright. To get a good start in the race will be the key. I saved a set of ultrasofts in Q2, I know that not everyone in front of me has, so maybe that gives me a chance."